Ultrasound Scans

Ultrasound scans can play an important role in fertility treatment because they allow us to see what is going on inside your body. We may recommend scans at several different stages before or during your IVF treatment.

When Should You Have an IVF Scan?

Ultrasound scans are recommended at several different stages of fertility treatment. Your doctor might recommend some or all of the following scans.

  • Fertility Checks: an ultrasound can help us to assess your fertility and to check for any underlying conditions that could be causing problems, such as growths in the womb, ovarian cysts or a blocked fallopian tube. Sometimes it is possible to treat these conditions to improve your fertility.
  • Follicle Tracking: we can check to see whether follicles are maturing as expected or to see the impact of medication you are taking to stimulate your ovaries before we collect eggs for IVF. The scan can tell us when the mature eggs are ready to be collected.
  • Endometrial Lining Measurement: we can measure the thickness of the womb lining to assess your fertility or to see if you are ready for the embryo transfer during IVF treatment. The lining should reach its thickest point around the time you ovulate.
  • Egg Collection or Embryo Transfer: ultrasound can be used to direct the needle when we are collecting eggs for IVF treatment. A scan may also be performed when the embryo is being transferred into the womb.

What Do Fertility Scans Involve?

Fertility scans often have to be timed for a certain point in your menstrual cycle and may need to be repeated several times to monitor the changes in your womb or ovaries. The scans are usually performed trans-vaginally because we won’t be able to get clear enough pictures through your abdomen. The scan uses a specially designed ultrasound probe that can be inserted into your vagina. You may experience some mild discomfort, but it shouldn’t hurt at all. In fact, most women find having an internal ultrasound less uncomfortable than getting a cervical smear.

The probe sends out ultrasound waves and then collects the echoes that are bounced back by your internal organs. The echoes are converted into pictures that will appear on the screen during the scan. Ultrasounds are completely safe and they won’t cause any side effects. The pictures can reveal a lot about your health and fertility so they are a very important part of your treatment.

How We Can Help

We can support you through every stage of your fertility treatment in the UK or overseas, including getting the ultrasound scans that you need before or during your IVF treatment. We can arrange IVF scans in the UK or at a clinic in Dubai, Bahrain or Greece if you are having IVF abroad. Our doctors will be able to advise you on the timing of your fertility scans and to explain in detail what the results mean.

If you want to learn more about ultrasound scans during IVF treatment then don’t hesitate to get in touch to speak to one of our experienced fertility specialists. We can arrange your IVF scans in London or overseas.

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