Fertility issues concerns both women and men whilst planning for a family, with 1 in 6 couples being affected in the western world*. There can be numerous factors for infertility, however the correct diagnosis for both partners is crucial so a suitable method for treatment can be carried out to eliminate any further problems. 



Women’s well being is important to the function of the reproductive organs and genital system. This area of healthcare affects all women and can aid to spot early signs of diseases and infections. Many treatments now can be cosmetic which have become a ‘craze’ to alter appearances and improve sexuality.



In a fast-paced industry plastic and cosmetic surgery is at an all-time high with more people opting for quick solutions through surgery. Plastic surgery repairs the damage of the human body incurred by many factors such as burns and severe injuries. Cosmetic surgery is a not a necessity but an optional procedure to improve one’s appearance. Non- surgical procedures can take place in a clinic and are usually complication free with minimal side effects*. These procedures are aimed to give (within reason) instant results and can be done within a few hours to 1 day.



Oral well being covers medical dental issues to cosmetic procedures. There are many branches in dentistry, requiring specialists for a particular field of treatment. In the UK alone, we spend £5.8 billion a year on dental treatments * with 29% of us suffering from regular dental pain*. Hence the need for exceptional dental care has now become a necessity.



General surgery is usually referred to surgical treatment that focuses on trauma to the oesophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas and gallbladder. This type of surgery can vary from emergencies to a day case. Highly specialised surgeons will determine the surgery you will require.



From medical procedures to cosmetic, dermatology is in such high demand more than ever. This industry has become a lucrative market with celebrities paving the way for bigger lips to the need to achieve ‘perfect’ skin with botox. With many procedures offering immediate effects, both men and women can treat their skin issues with relatively painless treatments and at affordable prices.



In what seems a relatively new procedure in the cosmetic surgery industry, hair loss affects not only older males but the younger generation and females too. Changes in hair growth and loss for men and women can be due to hormones, stress and diseases such as alopecia. Treatments are carried out as day surgery, with an estimated 50,000 men receiving hair transplants each year.



The term oncology is a branch of medicine that specializes in tumors and cancer. Millions of people all around the globe are living with this incurable disease, however thanks to recent technological advances through science and research there is now a variety of treatments that can diagnose and prevent cancer. Common forms of cancer include: Breast, lung, skin, prostate, leukaemia, kidney, bladder and cervix.



Orthopaedics is a surgery to treat trauma within the musculoskeletal system which can affect the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. It can be used to treat, prevent and rehabilitate spine diseases such as arthritis, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumours, congenital disorders and stiff neck muscle pain. Orthopaedic surgery can concern and treat patients of all ages from new born’s to the elderly and encompasses all areas of the human body such as the foot and ankle, hand, shoulder and elbow, spine, hip or knee.


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