Semen Analysis

Semen analysis is a simple test that can help to identify some of the common causes of male infertility. It’s important to have these fertility checks as the results can tell us which type of fertility treatment is right for you.

Who Should Have Semen Analysis?

A semen analysis is the main test that can be used to assess male fertility. You might have this test if you are concerned about your fertility, you’ve been trying for a while, or you’re considering fertility treatment. The results may help us to identify the cause of male fertility problems when they are linked to issues such as a low sperm count, poor mobility or abnormal sperm shapes. If we can identify a specific reason for your fertility problems, then it can help us to choose the best approach to treatment. For example, if the semen analysis suggests that your sperm have very low motility, we might suggest ICSI to increase the chances of successful fertilisation during IVF treatment.

What Does Semen Analysis Involve?

Semen analysis is a relatively straightforward investigation that simply requires you to provide a sample of your semen. It’s important for the sample to be as fresh as possible, so you will usually be asked to provide it at the clinic. The sample can then be sent straight to the lab to check:

  • The volume or amount of semen in the sample
  • The total number of sperm in the sample
  • The concentration of the sperm cells (the number in each millilitre of semen)
  • How many of the sperm cells are alive
  • How well the sperm are moving (motility)
  • Whether the sperm cells look normal or have abnormal shapes (morphology)
  • If the semen is at the right pH

You might be surprised by the results of your sperm analysis as the numbers of healthy sperm can seem very low even for men without fertility issues. We only expect about 4% of the sperm to have a normal shape and at least 40% to be moving in normal semen. The typical sample has so many sperm cells in it that it only takes a small proportion of them to be capable of reaching and fertilising an egg.

If your results do reveal a problem, such as a low sperm count or lower than normal motility, then it may be possible to overcome these with IVF treatment, ICSI, or surgical extraction of the sperm from your testes.

How We Can Help?

Fertility tests are an important first step when considering fertility treatments like IVF. We can ensure that you get the right kind of tests so that you can select the best approach for you. Our fertility specialists can also help you to understand your semen analysis results and advise you on your options.

If you’re worried about male infertility then get in touch to learn more about semen analysis or to arrange your fertility checkup. We can arrange all the tests you need if you’re considering IVF abroad or in the UK.

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