Routine Screening Blood Tests/ Fertility Potential Screening

Blood tests are one of the routine checks that will be performed when you first start to think about your fertility or to consider your options for fertility treatments like IVF. A simple blood test can reveal a lot about your health and can help with fertility potential screening.

Who Should Consider Routine Blood Tests and Fertility Screening?

Having a blood test and routine check up can be a good first step if you’re thinking about adding to your family. The healthier you are when you start trying, the better your chances of success. You might also want to arrange routine or fertility potential screening if you’ve been trying for a while and have had trouble conceiving. The tests could reveal if there is an underlying cause of your fertility problems, such as an infection that could be treated. Screening tests will also be performed if you are thinking about having IVF treatment. The tests can ensure that you get the right care.

What Does Routine Screening Involve?

Having a blood test is very easy. You will usually be asked to remove or roll up your sleeve above your elbow and to make a fist. A tight band will be placed around your arm to make the blood vessels stand out more. The sample will then be taken with a small needle, usually from a vein near the inside of your elbow. You may feel a sharp pinch, but it shouldn’t be painful. The amount of blood that is taken will depend on which types of tests you’re having, but it won’t be enough to cause any side effects. Your blood sample will be sent to the lab for testing. You should get the results back quickly. You’ll be able to discuss them with your doctor so that you understand what they mean and what your options are. If any potential issues are discovered then you may want to have more tests or consider fertility treatments such as IVF.

Various different kinds of blood test can be performed. Some of the routine blood tests will assess your general health. For example, you may need to be screened for infections such as STIs that could be affecting your fertility, HIV which could affect your treatment, and rubella which can cause problems if you’re infected while pregnant. Other blood tests will assess your fertility. For example, women can have a blood test to check the levels of a hormone called AMH, which is linked to ovulation. The levels of other hormones may also be checked. Your fertility specialist can advise you on which tests are right for you.

How We Can Help?

Our experienced fertility specialists can advise you on which types of screening and fertility tests you should have. We can arrange blood tests for you in the UK or overseas and help you to understand what the results mean.

If you want to arrange routine blood tests or fertility potential screening, get in touch to discuss the options. We’ll ensure you get the right support before starting your family or IVF treatment.

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