Plastic Surgery

In a fast-paced industry plastic and cosmetic surgery is at an all-time high with more people opting for quick solutions through surgery. Plastic surgery repairs the damage of the human body incurred by many factors such as burns and severe injuries. Cosmetic surgery is a not a necessity but an optional procedure to improve one’s appearance. Non- surgical procedures can take place in a clinic and are usually complication free with minimal side effects*. These procedures are aimed to give (within reason) instant results and can be done within a few hours to 1 day.

Breast Augmentation/ Liposuction/ Rhinoplasty/ Nose Reshaping/ Eyelid Surgery/ Facelifts/ Facial & Body Contouring/ Abdominoplasty/ Hair Replacement/ Labiaplasty/ Non-surgical procedures

When opting for plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, you are opting for a physical transformation. It is very important to consult a surgeon who is extensively experienced in this field.

Many people travel globally for plastic surgeries to combine affordable procedures, excellent results and a short vacation. The backdrop or the surrounding scene of the place also matters as it facilitates restful recovery of the patients.

Finding the right surgeon and medical facilities abroad:

It is always better to look for a cosmetic surgeon in the locality. However, there are people who choose to travel abroad to get the best of medical care and facilities. This is due to competitive rates and attractive offers like a holiday in the sun.

Many cities in the world including London, Turkey, Thailand and Brazil are fast becoming a major hub for plastic/ cosmetic surgery highly skilled cosmetic and plastic surgeons, this coupled with reliable medical procedures and standards attract thousands of medical tourists each year. If you too are planning to travel for medical procedures, here is a list of things that you should remember:

  • Review the surgeon’s qualifications and capabilities. You need to check whether the qualifications and experiences are genuine and original.
  • You must ask in your personal network regarding the right professionals to choose. Check whether anyone recommends the specialist you have chosen. You can also search for reviews and recommendations online. Check whether there are any complains and concerns regarding his procedures.
  • You should also check the communication ease. The surgeon should be able to communicate in the language of your understanding as to explain the necessary steps involved in the procedures or the risks and benefits.
  • Check whether the surgeon will use state of the art technologies to do the surgeries.

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