Ovarian Reserve Tests

Ovarian reserve testing can tell you whether you have a good supply of healthy eggs in your ovaries. You can use the results to make better decisions about your fertility.

Who Should Have an Ovarian Reserve Test?

Women are born with all of their eggs already formed in the ovaries. One or two of these eggs will mature and be released during every over time. If this happens too quickly, there might not be enough healthy eggs to ensure that a mature egg is always ready to be released at ovulation. Your chances of conceiving will then be reduced because there might not be an egg available to be fertilised every month.

The ovarian reserve test will tell you whether you have a good supply of healthy eggs in your ovaries. The test results can help you to make better decisions about when to have children and indicate whether you might need some extra help to get pregnant. You might want to have an ovarian reserve test if you’re thinking about the future and wondering if it is alright to wait to have children. You can also have the test if you’re ready to try for a baby now and you want to know your current fertility levels. The test might also be recommended as part of a full fertility assessment if you’ve been having trouble conceiving or you’re considering IVF treatment.

What Does an Ovarian Reserve Test Involve?

The ovarian reserve test is a simple blood test. A small sample of blood will be taken, usually from a blood vessel near the inside of your elbow. The test is relatively painless, although you may feel a pinch as the needle goes in. The blood sample will be sent to the lab for testing.

The levels of certain hormones in your blood can give us a good idea of how many healthy eggs are in your ovaries. Anti-Mullerian Hormone or AMH is produced by the follicles in your ovaries. If the levels are lower than expected, it suggests that there aren’t as many developing eggs as usual for someone of your age. Your doctor might also recommend an ultrasound to check on your ovaries. The scan can reveal how many follicles are maturing and check that they are being released as expected at ovulation. The results of these tests can reveal how likely you are to get pregnant.

How We Can Help?

Our experienced fertility specialists can help you to make the right choices about fertility testing. We can arrange ovarian reserve tests and other checks in the UK or overseas. We can also advise you on the next steps if any issues are detected, including IVF treatment if you need some extra help to get pregnant.

If you would like to arrange ovarian reserve testing or other fertility checks, get in touch to discuss the options with one of our experts. We’ll help you to get the tests you need to make informed choices about your fertility and IVF treatment.

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