Egg Freezing

Eggs don’t have to used for IVF right away after they have been collected. Instead, you can choose to freeze your eggs so that they can be used to help you to get pregnant in the future.

Who Should Consider Egg Freezing?

Eggs are usually frozen if you want to preserve your fertility so that you will be able to try to have children in the future. You may decide to freeze your eggs if you are about to have a medical treatment that could affect your fertility or if you need to have your ovaries removed. You might also be interested in freezing your eggs if you aren’t ready to have children yet and you want to give yourself the best chance of conceiving when you are. Fertility declines with age as the quality and number of eggs that are available will drop. Freezing some of your eggs will ensure that some are available when you want to try for a baby, if you aren’t able to conceive naturally at that time.

It’s important to discuss the decision to freeze your eggs in detail with your doctor so that you understand the risks and chances of success. Another option you might want to consider is freezing embryos created by IVF, if you are in a stable relationship or you are willing to use donor sperm. Frozen embryos can be more stable than frozen eggs, but you may prefer to preserve your eggs so that you will be able to freely choose the father in the future.

What Does Egg Freezing Involve?

Eggs are collected for freezing in the same way as for IVF treatment. The main difference is in the delay before the eggs will be fertilised and used. You will need to take medication to stimulate your ovaries to release more mature eggs than usual, so that we can collect as many as possible. The eggs will be collected using a fine needle and then carefully frozen and stored.

When you are ready to use the eggs, they will be carefully thawed and checked. The eggs will need to be fertilised in vitro (outside your body). You will then go through the same stages of IVF as you would when using freshly collected eggs. The eggs and sperm will be combined so that fertilisation can take place. The resulting embryos will be allowed to develop for a while. The best quality embryos will then be selected and transferred into your womb. Any remaining embryos can be frozen for use in further cycles of IVF.

How We Can Help?

Freezing your eggs can give you the best chances of having your own family in the future. If you’re having certain kinds of treatment, it could be the only way to preserve your fertility. We can help you to understand the risks and benefits so that you can make the right choice. We’ll arrange for your eggs to be collected, frozen and stored safely until you want to use them.

If you’re considering freezing your eggs, get in touch to discuss the procedure in detail with one of our experienced fertility specialists.

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