Become An Egg Donor in London

Donor eggs can be used to create an embryo for transfer during IVF. Using an egg donor can give you a chance to become a parent even when you aren’t able to use your own eggs. If you are a young, healthy woman then you may be able to donate your own eggs to help other people.

Who Should Consider Egg Donation?

Egg donation could be the right option if you do not have a healthy egg of your own to use, for any reason. Many female fertility problems can affect the number or quality of mature eggs that are available, but won’t affect your ability to carry the baby. You may have entered menopause early or had certain kinds of medical treatment. Using an egg donor could also be a good option if you have a hereditary condition that you don’t want to risk passing to your baby. You can then use a donor egg and have the embryo transferred into your own womb. It is also possible to use a donor egg if you are using a surrogate, for example if you are a man or male couple who wish to become parents.

You may want to become an egg donor in order to help someone you know or to enable a stranger to become a parent. Donating an egg is a big decision, but it can be a very fulfilling experience.

What Does Egg Donation Involve?

The first step is to find the right donor. Egg donors should usually be relatively young, healthy women who have thought carefully about their decision. Some couples are able to find a relative who is willing to donate eggs, but you can also find women who are happy to donate to strangers. Another option is to share eggs with someone who is undergoing fertility treatment.

The next part of the egg donation process is very similar to the early stages of IVF. The donor will go through the same process in order to ensure that we can collect plenty of eggs. She will need to take medication to stimulate over-production of mature eggs in her ovaries. The eggs can then be collected with a fine needle and fertilised in vitro. Eggs can be frozen and used later, but they are often fertilised right away.

If the eggs are to be used immediately, then you (or your surrogate) may need to take medication in order to synchronise the menstrual cycle with the donor. The donor eggs will be combined with the sperm in vitro. The resulting embryos will then be transferred directly into the womb.

How We Can Help?

Our fertility specialists can help you to decide whether egg donation is the right option for you. It is important to consider this decision carefully and to think about how it might affect your future child. If you decide to go ahead, then we can help you to donate your eggs or arrange IVF treatment with a donated egg. The process will be very similar to conventional IVF, but we will need to coordinate the egg donation process with your own preparation for the embryo transfer. Having our experienced team there to support you through this process can ensure that it all goes as smoothly as possible.

If you’re considering using an egg donor for IVF abroad or in the UK, then get in touch to discuss the options with one of our fertility experts. We can answer your questions and arrange everything for you.

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