We Manage Your IVF/Fertility Treatment Whether In The UK Or Abroad.

We are a medical facilitator with an established network of dedicated doctors, nurses and health professionals located in London, Bahrain, Dubai, Greece and Prague. All our providers are English speaking, working in ISO Certified Clinics.

IHP With You Each Step Of The Way

IHP With You Each Step Of The Way

Your Journey

  • Complimentary Skype Consultation
  • Fertility Tests/ Investigations
  • Start Treatment UK/Abroad
  • Complete Treatment UK/Abroad
  • Courtesy Follow Up/ Support In The UK


  • Low cost personalised fertility treatment
  • No waiting list
  • Our providers are consultants and leaders in the field of fertility
  • British trained and English speaking
  • Free Skype consultation to plan treatment with the providers
  • Dedicated patient co-ordinator
  • Laboratory services at your door step (Can receive by post)
  • Accredited/certified lab services in Central London


An average IVF cycle in the UK can range at £10,000. Fertility clinics in Europe can be up to 40% cheaper with prices starting from £3,500.

Holiday / Vacation

Medical treatment abroad requires time off work or time out of a busy schedule. Therefore, incorporating with a mini break or holiday makes it an ideal choice to combine the two.

No waiting Lists

Procedures such as Egg Donation can be a timely experience due to a shortage of donors within the UK. Therefore going abroad especially to Europe can be arranged within a shorter time frame.

Hidden Costs

Typically in the UK many clinics have 'extras' and 'add ons' which can leave the end price staggeringly expensive or a lot more than you may have anticipated to pay. This can be frustrating if you have a set budget.


Many clinics abroad have packages which can provide accommodation, flights, transfers to mobile devices. They can also have representatives who speak English to ensure your fertility journey runs smoothly.

NHS Funding Cuts

Due to the lack of funding that the NHS are proposing, many individuals and couples suffering from infertility issues have little advise and guidance due to a 'postcode lottery'. Therefore seeking treatment abroad, they have the possibilities to explore more options.

Unavailable Treatments

Procedures such as Gender selection is currently illegal in the UK, therefore options to explore this treatment can be carried out in Dubai and North Cyprus.

Over 40 treatment

Many European clinics are highly experienced in treating women over the age of 40 for fertility issues and IVF. Clinics in the UK can be doubtful to assist due to statistics stating 'low success rates' in this age group.

See why International Health Plus (IHP) is a new and innovative concept in medical tourism.

We act on your behalf to facilitate between your medical service provider i.e. clinic or hospital when undergoing a medical treatment or procedure. IHP believes that our clients journey should be a relaxing and stress-free experience and strive to individualise each treatment based on our client’s request.

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A word from IHP’s Founder

Dr Dabeer A. Salaria
Founder & Managing Director
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
(BSc, MBBS, FRCOG (Lon) U.K.)

After working for over 30 years in the field of medicine and dealing with patients in the Middle East and the UK. I founded this company to assist patients travelling from the Middle East to the UK, whom I found over the years have no focal point once they arrive for medical treatment to Britain. They needed support, help and assistance during their stay here whilst undergoing medical treatment and a company like IHP would assist them and look after their concerns and worries pre-and post-treatment.

About IHP

Why IVF Treatment Abroad?

Medical tourism is at an all time high. People are now travelling abroad to seek IVF / Fertility treatment for various reasons such as:

Did You Know

IVF / Fertility treatment abroad can be up to 60% less than the UK cost.
It can be an alternative way to combine fertility treatments with a holiday in the sun.
Reduced waiting list which can save you time and money.
NHS funding cuts for IVF/ Fertility treatments

Our Locations

Since the launch of our company in 2016 we have added a new clinic to our list of affiliates every year and will continue to do so to expand our network of global service providers.

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