We currently offer services in; UK, Bahrain, Dubai and Greece.  Please note; we may only be able to organise your required service in a specific country however, we will do our best to match what you require to your desired location.

International Health Plus is also able to organize transport to and from the location of service (clinics/hospitals) and pick up from the airport.  Information on flights, accommodation and attractions can also be provided.


Dubai is the new and upcoming hub for healthcare in the Middle East.  It is home to many advanced healthcare services with internationally renowned doctors.  Treatment in Dubai can be significantly cheaper than that of the UK/Europe and with International Health Plus, we will attempt to reduce waiting times for whatever services our clients require.  Dubai is also a well known holiday destination with warm climates, tourist attractions and a thriving city life.


Bahrain is a small island located close to the UAE.  Despite it’s size, it is an ideal holiday destination due to the warm climate and diverse culture.  Treatment in Bahrain including flight fare can be up to 60% cheaper than treatment in the UK/Europe.  International Health Plus has strong links with British certified / English speaking doctors in Bahrain; giving you the most efficient and effective treatment at a lower price.


London is a prominent health tourism destination and has been used for this purpose over many years. It is also a superb tourist destination with many attractions. London has innovated many developments in healthcare and is home to many specialists who are leaders in their field.  Laboratories in London e.g Harley Street are also renowned for their research and outstanding client care.  In some cases certain tests can be carried out at the client’s hotel if there is difficulty in clients commuting to hospitals.