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Welcome to International Health Plus.

A Medical Tourism Agency, Specialising In Facilitating Medical Treatments In The UK And Abroad.


International Health Plus (IHP) is a new and innovative concept, medical tourism agency. We act on your behalf to facilitate between your medical service provider i.e. clinic or hospital when undergoing a medical treatment or procedure.  IHP believes that our clients journey should be a relaxing and stress-free experience and strive to individualise each treatment based on our client’s request. We offer a complimentary Skype consultation and have a vast network of accredited fertility providers based in the UK, Bahrain, Dubai and  Greece.  With treatment abroad, our clients also have an opportunity to combine their treatment with a sun filled holiday.

  •  IVF from £4,000 and Egg Donation from £7,500. International treatments, at affordable prices with IVF cycles of up to 60% less* than the average UK fertility cycle.
  • ISO certified treatment centre’s along with English speaking/British trained doctors.
  • Appointments arranged at your convenience.**
  • Complimentary Skype consultations available.
  • London based office, as your point of contact for peace of mind.
  • Enjoy our continued support throughout your medical treatment.
  • With over 20 years of experience on our side, IHP will optimise the safety of your treatment.
  • Options for Gender Selection, based in Dubai.

* Prices as of 2016.   **Subject to availability.

Our office will be closed from 22/12/2017- 02/01/2018, however emails will be monitored regularly.


Contact us ; we will arrange your appointments and can assist with VISA documentation to travel abroad.


Undergo treatment or investigations in our national and international centre’s/ hospitals.


Relax and enjoy a holiday at your destination


Peace of mind with our dedicated IHP team, and point of contact wherever you are.

Clients Journey with International Health Plus